Kollinz INC provides small and medium scale organizations that require bespoke, efficient and extremely reliable web applications that will aid improve their business processes, which in turn increases productivity. Kollinz INC boasts of a highly strong and effective programming staff that allows us churn out unique web application to suit your current business needs.

We meritoriously utilize frameworks like Ajax, Flex, Microsoft SilverLight, Java and much newer technologies to create a rich and engaging user experience.

From entertainment, business, sports, news and travel apps to effective management tools and music web apps, Kollinz INC ensure that whatever the niche might be, we create value for money with our innovative and flexible web applications.

We also ensure that we adhere strictly to industry based standards, taking into consideration even the smallest design/development requirement detail of all our clients.

Speedy response time, rapid processing speed, extremely rich user experience and high interactivity are some of the many unique features that our web applications possess.