E-Commerce basically implies purchasing and trading of goods, products or services over the internet. Traditional marketing has since evolved from just the offline marketing of goods, products and services, to a greater and wider spectrum that involves billions of internet users in every part of the world.

Ecommerce systems have increased exponentially over the past decade, and one of the major factors that aided this rapid growth is the purchasing attitude of global customers. Ecommerce systems drastically reduce overheads and expenditure of any organization.

With ecommerce, smaller businesses are on a level playing field with bigger organizations; this promotes healthy competition between large and small scale businesses.

Kollinz INC provides a flexible, efficient, effective and robust ecommerce system for our clients.

We have distinct teams that solely manage ecommerce website development and this ensures that we provide the most intuitive, user-friendly and hassle-free navigation ecommerce system for our numerous clients.

We ensure that secure payments are integrated into our client’s ecommerce system; this provides an absolutely safe and secure platform for financial operations and protects the integrity of our client’s brand.