Kollinz Innovative Creations offers the most productive and efficient online marketing services that easily connects your brand to a wider online market. With our expertise, we guarantee new clients for your organization and also retaining existing clients. At Kollinz INC, we ensure that your products get maximum online visibility and a greater online viewership market share when compared to your competitors.

Traditional systems of obtaining information has drastically reduced, most individuals go online to obtain information. They inquire from blogs, websites, review portals and many other online mediums to get recommendation or solution to a certain problem or need.

We employ the following strategies to ensure that your internet marketing goals are accomplished:

Social Media Marketing: Over the years the social media space has more than exponentially increased, more and more people are being connected and multiple levels of interaction are constantly being achieved using social media platforms.

Millions of small, medium and large scale organizations are repetitively tapping into the enormous opportunities that these platforms offer. At Kollinz INC, we utilize the biggest social networking platforms to the benefit of our numerous clients.

Pay Per Click Advertising: This is a very easy and quick way to drive traffic to your website. Based on select relevant keywords obtained after accurate research, a paid advertising campaign is created for your organization. Your organization’s AD is then shown on Google, Facebook or any other platforms that were selected for the pay per click advertising campaign.  With pay per click marketing, you only pay when individuals click on your Ads.

Email Marketing:  Email marketing has been regarded as one of the most cost-effective means of reaching out to new customers as well as increasing the bond with the old ones. An extremely powerful marketing tool, email marketing engages your clients by the sending of highly attractive and aesthetic email templates. Clients can be informed of new products or updates of existing ones, discounts, special promos and much more. Kollinz INC designs and develops professional looking email marketing campaigns for our clients and this has led to increased sales and awareness for most of our clients.