Kollinz INC possesses the expertise in the development of diverse mobile applications on platforms like, Windows Mobile, iOS, Blackberry, Android, Lumia, Symbian and mobile enabled websites. Our web development team continually explores and deploys new mobile technologies to meet the dynamic needs of our numerous clients.

There are a lot of factors that our developers consider before embarking on any mobile application design, these factors include: technical and functional specifications, the desired mobile platform for deployment, and the level of interactivity that the mobile app should possess.

There are 3 categories of mobile apps and they are:

Native Apps: These mobile apps are built to a specific mobile platform, e.g Blackberry, iOS, Android or Symbian. They fully utilize the functionality of the particular mobile device and provide unique features that can effortlessly integrate into the desired mobile platforms. It is very important to note that native apps are platform-limited  but they are more robust in nature.

Web-Based Apps: This category comprises a collection of web pages that are specifically developed to work for a mobile device screen. These mobile apps are developed in a shorter time when compared to native apps. Users can easily gain access to web based apps on any mobile browser, these apps do not have to be sold on any mobile stores because they reside on online web servers. Web based apps do not possess the multi-level and rich functionality like the native apps and are advised to be used mainly for simple applications.

Hybrid Apps: These set of mobile apps effectively merges both unique feature of the native and web based apps. They are majorly web based mobile apps that can be easily viewed through any mobile browser but they also possess unique features of the mobile platform being used. Hybrid mobile apps are also faster to develop than the native mobile apps and are also robust in nature.